Book Title: Poems for the Penniless

Author: Issa G Shivji

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Book Description: A brilliant and enticing collection of political poems and poetic prose amplifying the voices of the penniless as well as commemorating lost comrades.

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Poetry is not a unique form, it is an idea, a soul and thoughts created in a unique way. Hence, the poetry of Issa Bin Mariam (Issa Shivji) is not writing that pretends to be poetry, it is poetry that make us think of the soul of our existence through a unique way.

Mashairi si umbo la kipekee, ni fikra na roho na mawazo yaliyoumbwa kwa njia ya kipekee. Kwa hivyo mashairi ya Issa Bin Mariam (Issa Shivji) si maandishi yanayojifanya kuwa mashairi, ni mashairi yanayotufanya tufikirie roho ya maisha yetu na njia ya kipekee. Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o Distinguished Professor of English and Comparative Literature, University of California, Irvine

Professor Issa Shivji, a lawyer by training, insists that he is not a poet; but this brilliant and enticing collection of poetry and poetic-prose sharply disagrees. The pieces are a power house – at once compelling, fascinating and engaging. Offering versions of Kiswahili and English without revealing which poem was originally written in what language, it is as if the poet is insisting on engaging the two languages in simultaneous dialogue with each other. Mῖcere Gῖthae Mũgo, Emeritus Professor, Syracuse


Professor Issa Shivji has produced a poetry collection with excellent imagery and rhythm, that breaks new ground in poetry and will likely set the stage for a whole new generation of poetry that amplifies the voices of the penniless as well as commemorate the transformational figures who accompany them in their struggles. Akwasi Aidoo, Senior Fellow, Humanity United







Issa G Shivji


Poems for the Penniless Copyright © 2019 by Issa G Shivji. All Rights Reserved.




Poems for the Penniless
Issa G Shivji
Ida Hadjivayanis

Published by Daraja Press
fasihi is an imprint of Daraja Press


© Issa G Shivji 2019

All rights reserved

Translated by Ida Hadjivayanis

Khalsa Lakhvir-Singh

ISBN 9781988832173 (softcover) | ISBN 9781988832180 (ebook)

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Title: Poems for the penniless / Issa G. Shivji ; translated by Ida Hadjivayanis.
Names: Shivji, Issa G., author. | Shivji, Issa G. Poems. Selections. | Shivji, Issa G. Poems.
…..Selections. English. | Hadjivayanis, Ida, translator.
Description: Poems in Kiswahili and English; poems originally written in Kiswahili are followed by
…..English translation.
Identifiers: Canadiana (print) 20190094869 | Canadiana (ebook) 20190099216 | ISBN …..9781988832173 (softcover) | ISBN 9781988832180 (ebook)
Classification: LCC PL8704.S55 A2 2019 | DDC 896.3921/3—dc23

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Narrative theme: Politics, African languages
Daraja Press
Publication Date
June 1, 2019
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