Darisalama I
(Dar es Salaam I)

jiji langu limejaa foleni
kuna foleni na foleni
hospitalini kuna foleni la kutibiwa
chuoni foleni la kuteuliwa
kuna foleni la kutuziwa
foleni la kutimuliwa
matatatizo yamejipanga foleni
matumaini yamejipanga foleni
foleni zinashindana
hakuna mshindi wala mshindwa
sote tumeshindwa


Dar es Salaam I

My city is full of queues
There are queues and queues
Queues at the hospital to get treatment
Queues at the college to get appointment
There are queues to receive honours
Queues for dismissals
Problems stand in queues
Hopes stand in queues
Queues compete with queues
No winners no losers
We are all losers!

January 9, 2018


Poems for the Penniless Copyright © 2019 by Issa G Shivji. All Rights Reserved.

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